Questions To Ask Your Emergency Locksmith

Be honest, have you ever Googled ‘emergency locksmith near me’? Even if you didn’t need one in that exact moment, it’s always useful to know there is someone nearby who could help us in our time of need. But before you go dialling the first number you find online, it’s important to do your due … Read more

Key Safes – The What, Why and How

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Have you ever gone to empty the bins, only for an unexpected breeze to blow the front door shut behind you? Then you pay your pockets down and your keys aren’t there. Realisation hits you – you’ve been locked out! You really don’t want to call a locksmith. Maybe you don’t have the time to … Read more

Why You Really Need To Read Your Insurance Documents

This might seem like an odd section to include in a home security paper, given that it isn’t directly about home security, but your security choices could be invalidating your insurance. While taking out insurance on your home isn’t essential (though it is highly advisable), if you do have it then you need to read … Read more

Common Lock Problems (And How To Solve Them)

Your locks are probably a bit like your plumbing. You only really think about it when it goes wrong. Using keys and locks is something we do so many times a day it becomes automatic, so when a key won’t go in the lock, or you can’t lock the door properly because the key jams, … Read more

What Is The Master Locksmiths Association?


If you’ve ever met one of our team, or even read some of our website before, then you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘Master locksmiths association’ at least once. It’s something we are very proud to be members of, and as a professional locksmith it’s an absolute essential. But if you’re not in the trade you … Read more

Why you should always choose a MLA approved company

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BEWARE: Legally ANYONE CAN OPERATE AS A LOCKSMITH in the UK! There are currently NO LAWS in place relating to the locksmith industry. Master Locksmith Association Approval Assures CRB Checks are made (we always have to keep them updated) In Depth Training and Qualifications We are Regularly Vetted to maintain high standards High Levels of … Read more

Moving House – security tips

Do you know the day you are completing and getting the keys? Then why not book a locksmith in advance? They will not only change the locks, but give you a free home security check as well to help you feel secure in your new home. Use a vetted, qualified, fully insured locksmith. You should … Read more