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Covid-19 Statement

In these uncertain times, we thought it best to keep our customers up to date with our business during the Corona Virus pandemic.

At the moment we are still providing a 24 hour service subject to client circumstances.

Except in special circumstances, only one of us will attend a job. We are limiting our services to stay as safe as possible, eg Only working on external door problems where security is an issue.

To maintain Social distancing, we request clients open doors and retire to another room and we converse on the phone to discuss issues.

If it’s a lockout situation once we arrive at the property and establish client identification, they can maintain a safe distance while your locksmith gains entry to the property.

Your locksmith will be wearing a mask and one use gloves the whole time he is on site and will wipe down the working environment with an alcohol based cleaner.

Also we will discount our services to NHS and front line service providers if they show us their work ID.

24 Hour Emergency Locksmiths

Just a few of the problems we regularly solve. How can we help you?

Do you need some help identifying your lock? Just click the button and take a look. If you need any more information, we’re here to help!

MYlock testimonial-Saul Pitaluga

Fast, efficient service from a very professional team. No hesitation in recommending MYlock Locksmiths

Saul Pitaluga

Colonial Equipment Finance, Wokingham

Is Your home at risk?

The Chief Constable for West Yorkshire Police told the Examiner that homes were at risk because it just took a matter of seconds to disable the locks. He said police had not wanted to draw attention to the issue up to now because they did not want to alert criminals to the security weakness. But he said the practice was becoming so commonplace that the public needed to be warned.

Over 22 million doors across the UK could be at risk from a method of attack where the lock cylinder can be broken in just 5 seconds.

MY Lock Locksmiths recommend that all vulnerable doors using euro-cylinders be upgraded to incorporate ‘Break Secure’ cylinders.