Door Problems

Just a few of the door problems we regularly solve. How can we help you?

1 Door won’t close

The normal cause of this problem is a dropped door, where hinges have moved or failed or a faulty lock mechanism; these can be dealt with but a general rule is if it’s difficult to operate, get it seen to.

2 Bolts sticking out

Normally caused by a faulty locking mechanism; any good locksmith can sort this out for you.

3 Key left inside door, in the lock

90% of the time the door can be opened with no damage

4 Door jammed closed

This will be caused by a failed locking mechanism in the majority of cases, but can be remedied with a minimum of damage.

5 Handle fallen off or broken

This speaks for itself and can be sorted out easily but you may have an underlying problem with your door that requires investigation

6 Door difficult to operate

Can be caused by the door being misaligned; get it checked ASAP, as it can lead to expensive repairs

If your door problem is not listed here, then just contact us for help (we’ve seen it all!)

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