Why Does A Locksmith Cost So Much?

Locksmiths play an incredibly important role in making sure your home, or business, is safe and secure. But when you need to call a locksmith, you might find yourself questioning the price they quote you. Even the cheapest locksmiths have faced scrutiny for their pricing (usually for different reasons), but most are asked the question … Read more

Picking Apart Movie Lock Picking

No matter what you do for a living, you’ve probably seen your job depicted on the silver screen. And we’re willing to bet you’ve been frustrated by it. sitting there with your popcorn and hot dog, pointing out how inaccurate X, Y or Z is. Well, you’re not alone, because everyone does it! Even us, … Read more

Myth Busting – Locksmith Edition

Unlike most other trades, a locksmith is someone you probably won’t see very often. In fact, we’re pretty sure a lot of our customers would be happy if they never saw us again! But people will always lock themselves out while there are locks and keys, locks will need to be changed after break-ins and … Read more

A Brief History Of Locks

From the earliest days humanity walked the earth, we’ve wanted to keep things safe. What started as hiding our belongings in caves and guarding them with snarls and clubs turned into tying elaborate knots around crates, and then finally using locks and keys. But how did we develop such an intricate system to keep things … Read more