Lock Problems

Just a few of the lock problems we regularly solve. How can we help you?

1 Key snapped in lock

Broken keys can be extracted but not always, every effort will be made to extract the key before others measures are taken.

2 Key won’t turn

May be as simple as the cylinder requiring replacement or door alignment

3 Lock needs replacing

A simple process for us and we carry a large stock of cylinders. We would recommend changing your locks if you have just moved house, have had any kind of renovation work done or any other situation where other people have had access

4 Key difficult to operate

Lock may be old or worn, getting keys cut using non-original keys can also cause problems. A large stock of replacement locks are carried by our engineers

If your lock problem is not listed here, then just contact us for help (we’ve seen it all!)

Freephone: 0800 211 8161

Mobile: 07968 031 054

Email: info@my-lock.co.uk