Front Door Security Tips For 2024

If you’re looking at some of the new statistics around home burglaries. you might be thinking it’s time to review your home security. Good! Home security is something that should be looked at on a regular basis. And one of the areas you might not have thought about is your front door security. Because around … Read more

uPVC Doors Letting The Cold In?

Well winter has well and truly let us know that it’s arrived hasn’t it! The cold snap took us to 0°C, and we even saw snow on our travels yesterday! And with the drop in temperature, we know we’ll be getting lots of calls about one thing – uPVC doors. Specifically, that uPVC doors are … Read more

The Anatomy Of A Door

Gather ’round children, it’s time for an anatomy lesson! Don’t worry, you haven’t clicked onto the wrong site, and we won’t be dissecting anything today. Instead, were going to be taking one of the most common yet underrated elements in your home, and breaking it down into parts. Everyone’s got one (even you), and yet … Read more

Door adjustment

This can cause several problems, from doors not opening or closing to them not locking correctly, which can invalidate your insurance if you have a burglary. On most UPVc and composite doors there is a certain amount of adjustment that can be made to the hinges to solve these problems. Ignoring the problem will just … Read more