4 Ways You Can Scare Off Burglars This Halloween

burglar running away

Spooky season is almost upon us, and what’s spookier than a burglar? Creeping around in the middle of the night to steal your possessions, sometimes while you’re still inside the house. After all, 59% of burglaries in the UK happen when the homeowner is in the property. And with everyone walking around in black and … Read more

5 Benefits To Using Smart Locks In Your Home

Smart lock and app

Over the last few years, smart locks have become a very popular addition to many commercial premises, and now they are getting just as popular in residential homes. The figures now estimate that around 57% of homes in the UK have at least one smart device installed in their home – whether it controls the … Read more

The 5 Best Types Of Door Lock

Protecting your home and belongings is a high priority and one you have to be vigilant of every single day. It’s something we see a lot of homeowners worry about, and spend a lot of money trying to get it right. But one of the things that’s often overlooked is locks. Specifically, how different types … Read more

Do You Really Need To Have Spare Keys?

In the modern age of smart locks and digital access, you would think that having a spare key is more of a luxury than a necessity. But the truth is, spare keys are essential for everyone. Whether you lend them to a friend, give them to a family member or store them in a secure … Read more

3 Signs Your Locks Have Been Tampered With

Despite all of our best efforts, there are still around 200,000 burglaries reported in the UK every single year. And there are even more burglaries that are attempted, but unsuccessful. If that happens, the burglar will usually leave some tell-tale signs behind. Some of these are so subtle that you wouldn’t even notice them unless … Read more

5 Tips To Stop You Being Locked Out

Picture the scene. You’ve just popped out to the bins. The bin bag you’re carrying is very heavy, so you didn’t have enough hands to grab your keys. And anyway, it’s only a few steps from your front door. You’ve just dropped the bag into the bin when there’s a gust of wind and a … Read more

Can A Locksmith Fix A Car Key Fob?

Yes! Generally, if it involves a lock or a key, a locksmith can fix it, or replace it if it’s truly beyond repair. But it does require a special kind of locksmith to help you out. That’s an auto locksmith, and they are fully equipped to handle all car key-related issues. Want to know how? … Read more

Basic Garage And Shed Security Tips

Whenever we talk about security, most people think about their front and back doors, and maybe their windows if they’re savvy. What they often forget is two of the most common targets for opportunist burglars – sheds and garages. These are popular options because they tend to be less well protected than the house itself, … Read more