5 Benefits To Using Smart Locks In Your Home

Over the last few years, smart locks have become a very popular addition to many commercial premises, and now they are getting just as popular in residential homes. The figures now estimate that around 57% of homes in the UK have at least one smart device installed in their home – whether it controls the heating, turns the lights off or flicks the kettle on for you – so it’s pretty clear they’re here to stay.

And it’s no surprise really! Smart locks are a fantastic way to improve your home security, make it simpler for the right people to access your home, and make your life much easier in general. To prove it, here are 5 top benefits of upgrading to smart locks.

Keyless Entry

If you’ve ever known the frantic rummaging of trying to find your keys when a thousand things are going on and it’s pouring with rain, this is a big benefit to you. And if you’ve done that frantic dance and discovered that your keys are nowhere to be found, even more so! Smart locks make standing around in the rain a thing of the past, since they don’t need a key. All you need is your smartphone and an internet connection. Depending on the type of lock you have installed, even if your phone is out of power, there are still other ways to access your home, like a pin code, a manual key override, or key fob access.


Of course, you might not be the only person who needs access to your home. If you have a carer coming in, a cleaner, or even just the neighbour popping in to water your plants while you’re away, it can be worrying to give other people keys to your home. But with the right smart lock, you don’t need to worry. There are a variety of smart locks available that allow you to give individual access codes, issue key fobs for people to carry or provide app-based access, so you can allow access as and when you need it, without compromising security. Speaking of which…


One of the most obvious benefits of smart locks is the extra layer of security they offer. Long gone are the days when you have to leave a key under the flowerpot, which is the first place a burglar will check. They know all the typical tricks, so it’s best to avoid them. But because certain smart locks allow you to set unique codes for people who need to access your code (and you get to decide how long those codes are valid for and when they can be used), you know exactly who has access to your home and when. On top of that, just seeing a smart lock on your home has proven to be a pretty big deterrent to burglars, since there’s no lock to pick. You can also integrate it with other devices, like cameras and doorbells, to increase your overall security.


We’ve all had that moment when we’re on our way somewhere, and we realise we might not have locked the door. You may have even gone back to double-check once or twice (we have!) Thankfully smart locks do all of the hard work for you. If you have left the door unlocked, your smart lock will send you a notification to remind you. It can also let you know if the door has been opened, or if someone has entered your home, so you know your loved ones are home safe, or that you need to check on the security cameras!

Good Investment

Although smart locks are more expensive at the outset than traditional locks, they are cost-effective in the long term. It can be time-consuming and expensive to change all the locks in the house, as well as have new keys made, whereas smart lock installation is quick and easy, as well as looking sleek and stylish. Smart locks also suit any door and can be used internally in your house to protect sentimental items. Furthermore, peace of mind when it comes to your home security is worth its weight in gold, and worth every penny knowing your house is safe and secure.

At My Locks, we love a good smart lock. We’re expert installers, and are always happy to chat about the different options and help find the right one to suit you. So if you’re thinking about investing in smart locks, give us a ring!