5 Places You Should Never Hide Spare Keys

We all need spare keys. They’re an essential if you need to let someone else into your property, you need a safe way of getting into the house if you lose your main keys, or just to give to a loved one so that they can look in on the cats while you’re away. But where do you hide these spare keys so that they can be found, but only by the right people? Believe us, we’ve seen some interesting places, and today we want to share with you some of the worst places you can hide your spare keys from a security point of view.

Under The Garden Rocks

Yes, it’s’ still very common for homeowners to hide a spare key under a rock in the front garden. You can even buy special fake rocks with a storage compartment for the key. But the media has made this such a common trope that it’s the first place a would-be burglar will look. And those fake rocks? Well, they look fake! so while it might be easier for you to gain entry with a garden rock key, it’s easier and quicker for burglars too. Plus, you’re probably Invalidating your insurance by providing an easily accessible key.

In Your Wallet/Purse

You really would be amazed how many people do this. You’d also be amazed at how many people lose their wallets, sometimes regularly! It might feel like a ‘safe’ place, but it’s all too easy for you to lose keys kept in a wallet. Not only that, but you’re giving a burglar a potential road map to your home actress, with driver’s licenses, and debit or credit cards all linking your key to your physical address. So they could empty your name and your bank account before you even realise your wallet is gone.

Flowerpots + Overgrown Areas

Again, a very popular option for hiding a ‘just in case’ key. In or under flowerpots, in planters or just buried in an overgrown area. These are canon spots for burglars to check for easy access. They don’t just check in flowerpots either. They may also check for keys buried in the soil of prominent plants, sometimes smashing the pot to find it. And because this is such a popular method, they won’t hesitate if it means they can get quick access to your property without difficulty.

On Top Of Doors or In Lights

You might think that tucking away an extra key on top of the door frame or even inside a light fitting is cunning, but again, the burglars are one step ahead of you. It’s not only very visible but all too easy for someone to grab without drawing any attention. If they can look as though they knew it was there, they could even be seen entering your home without anyone suspecting a thing. The only people who wouldn’t spot this trick are dwarf burglars, or those who don’t look up.

Under The Doormat

Is there a more classic hiding place? This is the very first place any burglar will look for a key, especially if they know you have teenage children who are prone to losing or forgetting their keys. They are easily accessible and not exactly secure, so you want to avoid putting them here at all costs.

So Where Should You Leave Your Spare Key?

That’s the big question, isn’t it? We recommend using a key safe to store your spare keys. This is a secure lock box that’s firmly attached to the outside of your property, just the right size for a spare set of keys. You can access it either by entering a combination code into a keypad or presenting a matching key fob. Because they’re set into brick or concrete, they aren’t easy to remove, and the combination lock means a burglar isn’t going to hack or guess the code any time soon.

So tick one, super secure.

The other advantage of a key safe is that it allows you to still give access to whoever you want, without having to use one of the terrible hiding places we mentioned above. You can issue single-use combination, or share the combination with family members, so they can use it whenever they need it. So now, you have ultimate control over who can access your property at all times.

At My Lock Locksmith, we are experts in all things lock and key – including key safes! We are fully trained and qualified to supply and install key safes to all residential and commercial premises, so you always know your installation is by the book. We are also always happy to provide advice and support for key safes, so you can be confident before you have anything installed. If you would like to know more, just get in touch with the team today.

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