Basic Garage And Shed Security Tips

Whenever we talk about security, most people think about their front and back doors, and maybe their windows if they’re savvy. What they often forget is two of the most common targets for opportunist burglars – sheds and garages. These are popular options because they tend to be less well protected than the house itself, and they often contain things of high value that are very easy to sell fast, like tools. And just like with your home security, your insurance company may refuse to pay out if things are stolen. So to make sure you aren’t putting your belongings at risk, here are 6 tips to keep both your garage and your shed safe.

Invest in a Good Lock

The number of houses we visit where the garage has a flimsy shoot bolt and the shed has no locks at all is honestly staggering. And yes, that’s the state most of these things are installed in, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect them further. At the very least you should be putting a padlock on both your garage and your shed, which is an inexpensive way to deter opportunist thieves from breaking in just because they see the opportunity. But padlocks can be cut, so if you have a slightly bigger budget we recommend a more robust locking system, like a chain lock or a deadbolt. 

Make Things Difficult

In this case, being difficult is a good thing! You want to make your garage and shed as difficult as possible to break into. After all, burglars are looking for easy targets most of the time, which means if you’re willing to put a little effort in then you can deter a lot of them. A few examples would be replacing any shed or garage windows with shatterproof glass, installing fencing or high hedges, and making sure there is nothing they could use to climb or force entry accessible.

Install a Security System

This is the single most effective way to deter burglars – both the opportunistic ones and those who plan and target properties. A good security system will include motion-sensitive lights as well as cameras, which will make most burglars think twice. Your security system also acts as a safety net to alert you and/or the authorities if someone tries to break in, and prove to your insurance company that you took every reasonable step to protect your property, which means they will have to pay out on your policy.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

While most of us are pretty good at keeping our valuables away from windows and doors or out of sight in the home, we’re not so good at it with garages and sheds. If you have windows in either structure, then burglars will be able to stick their noses up to the glass and see what you’ve got inside. If it’s valuable, they’re more likely to try their luck and steal it. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep valuable things in your shed or garage, but just like with your home, you should try to keep them out of sight of windows, or hidden.

Be Vigilant

Burglars prey on people who don’t pay attention. People who don’t notice what’s going on around them, who aren’t aware of local events or even the security of their own property. So one of the best changes you can make personally is to be vigilant. Always be aware of what’s going on, and report any suspicious activities to the local authorities. You can also make your neighbours aware in local social media groups, as this is a good way to signal to burglars who are casing the area that people are on the lookout.

Get Insurance 

Finally, make sure you actually have insurance. Because even if you take all of the steps above, there is still a chance that some burglar will try his luck and succeed. If this happens your property could be damaged and your belongings are stolen, and insurance will help you cover the cost of replacing the items and fixing the damage. When you do take out your policy, make sure you read the conditions thoroughly and put all of their required security measures in place right away so that you can’t be tricked out of a payout later.

At My Locks, our job is to make sure your home is safe and your locks are all as secure as they can be. That means we don’t just work on house locks, but also security and locks for sheds and garages to keep even the garden tools safe and sound. If you would like to know more, just get in touch with the team today.