Everything You Need To Know About Smart Locks

When it comes to security, there are a lot of different options for you. Just one of those options is to move away from the traditional key locks, and install smart locks on your home. But while we were happy to fill our homes with smart gadgets that can do all sorts of funky stuff, trusting them with our home security can feel strange. Since they can be your best security investment, it’s worth knowing what they are and how they work first.

What Is A Smart Lock?

A smart lock is simply a digital lock that doesn’t need a physical key. Instead, the lock is operated in a different way, which could be:

  • A mobile app
  • A fingerprint
  • A voice signature
  • A keypad

This is usually done via Bluetooth or WIFI, and multiple people can be programmed to use them. Because there’s no physical key it can’t be lost, and the locks themselves are much harder to break into.

What Are The Benefits Of Smart Locks?

While smart locks have a lot of advantages, there are a few that stick out to us as locksmiths:

You’re Never Locked Out: Everyone has lost or forgotten their keys at least once-even us! And that means we end up locked out, adding time and cost to your day that you didn’t need. Smart locks mean you don’t need to worry about that, and you never have to worry about having to remember your keys either!

Remote Access Control: Certain smart locks have the ability to allow remote access, which means you can let people into your home even if you’re not there. This can be perfect for if you have a dog walker, a cleaner, or a neighbour feeding your pets while you’re away. No more keys under the flowerpot – you can let people in safely!

Access Codes: Smart door locks enable you to assign access codes to each person, so you can see who entered your property and when. It’s very useful if you have an office with staff or a home with teenage children!

High-Security: If you’re ever got halfway to work and realised you don’t know if you locked the door, you’ll know the worry it causes all day. A smart lock makes that worry a thing of the past – most auto-lock, and you can check on the status of your locks using a smart app.

So as weird as it sounds, at My Locks we love smart locks! In fact, we install and maintain smart locks for many clients at home and their places of business, giving them extra piece of mind where they need it most. If you’re curious about smart locks, just get in touch with the team today-we’ll happily talk your ear off!