4 Ways To Stop Burglars Stealing Your Christmas

The festive period is one of our favourite times of year. The bright lights, the music, the general feeling of good cheer everyone seems to keep going despite the bitter cold. It’s also our busiest time of year, since Christmas is prime time for burglars to get their tools out and break into some houses. They know there’s houses full of new, expensive gifts waiting to be delivered, and they want to play Grinch to your Father Christmas and intercept them.

Can you stop them? Yes you can. It just takes a little bit of thought and planning. So if you want to make sure that a break in doesn’t ruin your Christmas this year, just think WISH.


Burglars don’t like to put in a lot of work if they can help it – which is why they look for the easiest way into your property. This means any doors or windows that you have left unlocked or open. That might seem like a silly thing to do, and something you would never forget before you go out. But if you’re one of the millions of people who feed an extension cable through the window to power their outside Christmas lights, then it’s all too easy to forget. If you’re going out, close and lock all of the windows, even if it means turning your festive display off for a few hours.


Another thing burglars aren’t a fan of is light. Their work is generally best done in the dark, where people walking past can’t see them or identify them. So naturally, lighting up your home is the best way to keep them away. Floodlights attached to a motion sensor pointed at the key access areas of your property is always a good bet, along with outdoor lights dotted around your home. You can also get timer plugs for inside lights that can be programmed to turn on and off at certain times – so you can make it look like you’re home even when you aren’t.


Speaking of knowing when you’re home, a burglar will usually avoid breaking into your home while you’re in it, if they can help it. The festive season is the perfect time to do this, because a lot of people will be out more at festive events, or travelling to see family. What’s more – you advertise it for them! 65% of people are burglarised by someone who is known to them, which means they will be someone on your friends list on Facebook, Instagram and all the other social media apps. So when you post that you’re out for the night, it’s like you’re ringing the dinner bell for an opportunistic burglar to come into your home and help themselves. Be careful what you post on social media, particularly if you’re away from home. If you can, try to avoid posting about getaways or trips until you’re back home again.


Everyone knows that homes at Christmas are packed with presents. All those gifts just waiting to be delivered and opened on Christmas day. But that doesn’t mean you should make a display of them. Keep presents out of sight, which means no piling them up under the tree until Santa has been! That doesn’t just mean the gifts themselves though. Around Christmas you should always be careful to dispose of packaging discreetly. Recycling bins are the perfect target for burglars in January so they can see what shiny new things you have in your home. Don’t advertise goods for them to steal. Breaking down boxes and taking them to the local recycling centre is ideal, but making sure boxes are broken down and not sticking out of recycling bins – or piled by the sides – is a good second.

At My Locks, our job is to make sure burglars have such a hard time getting into your house that they give up and try somewhere else. We inspect and check all of the locks, doors and windows in your home to make sure they are fully operational and secure, as well as install other safety measures to keep thieves out for good. If you want to know more about keeping your home safe this festive season, just get in touch with the team today and we’ll be happy to help.