Patio Doors – Why Burglars Love Them

Who doesn’t love a set of big glass patio doors? They give you a great view into your back garden, make your space feel bigger and more open, and you can slide them aside in warm weather. Well, did you know that burglars love them too? Because they make their jobs a lot easier. And everything they need to get through them can be found in their victim’s garden sheds.

Why Do Burglars Love Sliding Doors

There are a couple of key reasons your average burglar will be rubbing their hands together when they see sliding patio doors:

They’re Often Unlocked: People often forget to lock sliding glass doors properly, and they often store the keys for them in the lock, rather than somewhere separate.

They’re Easy To Bypass: Sliding glass doors are some of the easiest to bypass either by picking, derailing or breaking.

They Advertise What’s Inside: Glass is, by nature, see-through, so anyone standing in your back garden can see exactly what’s worth stealing in your home.

They’re Secluded: Being in your back garden, there is less chance of burglars being seen by neighbours or passers-by.

They’re Made Of Glass: If all else fails, glass is easy to break. And since patio doors are made of tempered glass for safety, they don’t even have to worry about getting cut.

So How Do Burglars Get In?

Sol the big question is, how do burglars get in through your patio doors, and can you prevent it?

The most common method is to go to your shed and pick up a spade. They will then slide that spade into the runners at the bottom of the sliding doors so that the blade is just under the door itself. Then they’ll stamp on the handle. This makes the whole door pop out of the runner, and they can just tilt and lift it right out. When they’re finished, they can just pop it back in, and you won’t even notice the difference.

This method is simple and quick for the burglar and can be done in private and almost silently, which makes it one of the most common ways a burglar will break into a property. They may not always use a spade – some will carry a crowbar or use a garden fork – as long as it has a narrowed end and a bit of leverage it will work just the same.

Can you prevent it? Absolutely! And what’s better, it’s very simple. All you need to do is install shoot bolts on the bottom of your doors. These bolts attach to the frame of the doors, and when slid down they lock into a slot in the floor. So even if your burglar tried to pop the door off, it won’t actually come out of the frame or move in any way.

You can also update the quality of the lock on your patio door, which will prevent opportunistic thieves. Or if you have a lot of valuables in the home, you can have retractable security grilles installed. These metal gates prevent burglars being able to get into your home even if they managed to get the door off. This is a more expensive option, but it’s one of the best for securing your home, especially if you spend long periods away. 

Shoot bolts, along with upgraded locks, don’t come automatically installed on sliding doors. Which is a bit silly, but that’s by the by. So if you want that extra security, you need to enlist the help of your friendly neighbourhood locksmith. At My Locks, we specialise in making sure you can get into your home while the burglars can’t. And if today’s post has given you a little shiver of worry, we can help. Just drop us a line and ask about how we can make your home safer.