Can A Locksmith Fix A Car Key Fob?

Yes! Generally, if it involves a lock or a key, a locksmith can fix it, or replace it if it’s truly beyond repair. But it does require a special kind of locksmith to help you out. That’s an auto locksmith, and they are fully equipped to handle all car key-related issues. Want to know how? Read on.

How Do Car Key Fobs Work?

A car key is made up of 2 parts-a key and a fob. These are made to ensure that only authorised people can access your car. They work using built-in radio frequency identification systems, or 271. The car itself has it’s own unique tags that match the tag inside the key fob. When the button on your key fob is pressed, it sends a signal to the car to exchange information. When the car’s chip accepts that the fob has matching tag information, it either locks or unlocks the car. Simple and effective!

Why Do Key Fobs Stop Working?

Modern key fobs are fantastic inventions, but like anything in life they can go wrong, and when they do it’s very annoying. There are a few reasons why your car key fob might stop working, Including:

Dead Batteries – A very common problem for car key fobs is their batteries dying, which stops them from being able to work. And changing the batteries sadly isn’t as easy as grabbing a screwdriver. Most require specialist equipment to change the batteries, and if you try it yourself you risk damaging your car key and invalidating your warranty.

Needs Reprogramming- Sometimes your car can become disconnected from your car keys, so they’re no longer paired and your car doesn’t recognise your key fob or vice versa). This can happen if the batteries are running low, you’ve changed the batteries or because there has just been a glitch and they lost their pairing. they can be repaired, either by following the instructions in your manual or by visiting an auto locksmith.

Damaged Key Fob- of course, your key fob would also stop working because it’s damaged. This can happen for all sorts of reasons and were seen it all – run over, in a car crash, left in a glass of water by an excitable toddler, it took a trip into the sea or just getting trodden on. You have it, were seen in. When this happens, you’re probably going to need a new key, which you can get either from an auto locksmith or the main dealer.

How Do Locksmiths Fix Broken Car Keys?

As auto locksmiths, we have a wide variety of tools at our disposal that make fixing car keys and key fobs a walk in the park. Whether it’s changing batteries, reprogramming them or fishing a snapped key out of your ignition, it’s simply a matter of having the right tool for the job. That includes cutting new car keys to match the original so that you can still drive away on the same day.

So there you have it. Car key fobs are brilliant but not indestructible and there are times that you might need some help getting it to work again. At My Locks we are fully qualified auto locksmiths, so we are always on hand to help with any car fob issues you may be having. For more information, just get in touch with the team today.