Front Door Security Tips For 2024

If you’re looking at some of the new statistics around home burglaries. you might be thinking it’s time to review your home security. Good! Home security is something that should be looked at on a regular basis. And one of the areas you might not have thought about is your front door security. Because around 76% of burglars will gain access through the front door, with 33% forcing the lock, and 14.5% just opening an unlocked door. We know! It’s shocking. So let’s have a bit of a refresh on front door security.

Actually Lock Your Front Door

Day 1 basics here, but make sure you are locking your front door all the time. Locking your door should be a normal habit, but a surprising number of people still forget to do it! It’s the first step to keeping your family and valuables safe. It’s also important for your insurance. Most insurance companies will ask what types of locks are on your external doors, as this is a good indicator of how well your home is protected. If you don’t lock your doors when you leave the house, you’re Probably invalidating your insurance policy!

Replace Damaged Doors

If your door has been damaged, then it’s like ringing the dinner bell for burglars who happen to pass by. So this is something you need to deal with quickly. If a local locksmith or carpenter can’t fix it for you, then you will need I replace your door. And that means you need to choose a suitable door replacement, as that will determine how secure your home is. Different types of doors offer different designs, thermal performance, security and practicality. The most common door materials to choose from are:

Wood: A more traditional option that can be elegant, but all of that beauty comes at a cost They are one of the least secure types of doors on the market. They aren’t reinforced in the same way as uPVC, composite or aluminium doors, and they can warp, rot and be easily damaged.

Aluminium: A more durable and sturdy material, Aluminium doors put a strong barrier between your home and the outside world. It will also stand the test of time, outlasting many other areas of your home.

PVC: A strong plastic-based material that is extremely secure and safe, with exceptional performance and durability. It’s one of the more popular options for external doors. It’s low maintenance, manages heat well, and they can be fitted with multi-locking mechanisms that greatly improves your home security.

Composite Doors: A mixture of materials that are naturally sturdy and resistant to intruders. They’re also great for thermal performance, since they have an insulating core sandwiched between multiple layers to make them energy efficient.

Upgrade Your Locks

Different types of lock, and even different models all come with their own security features. Choosing ones that match your security concerns can help you significantly improve the security of your home. For example, one of the most common lock types you’ll find on a uPVC door is a euro cylinder. These are popular, but quite prone to lock snapping. To get around this, there have been higher security models made that have built in protection against his form of forced entry. If you can, consider upgrading your door locks to one of the higher security models, particularly those that meet British Standards (BS3621), as they have the best security systems to protect your home.

Add Some Door Accessories

Another thing many people overlook is accessories. You might not think of doors as having accessories, but these are essentially the extras that add another layer of security to your door for very little cost. Installed properly (by a professional), they can make all the difference. Think of things like:

Peepholes: Peepholes allow you to check who is knocking at your door before you open it – or check if anyone is out there doing something they shouldn’t. This means you’ll be able to make sure its safe before you open your door.

Door chains: A properly installed door chain on either a wooden or uPVC door means you can slightly open the door without giving the person on the other side full access to your home. This is useful for your personal safety when answering the door, but also for but it’s an effective deterrent for anyone trying to force your door open. A door chain can give you peace of mind that there’s a second line of defence if someone tries to force their way through your front door – which might be all you need to scare them away or call for help.

Smart doorbells: Another great addition to secure your door and your home. Traditional doorbells are all well and good, but technology has moved on a bit since they were invented. A smart doorbell allows you to chat with someone without opening the door, see what’s going on outside your home and even record it, as well as receive notifications if someone is at your front door.

At My Locks, we often provide security advice while we’re fixing problems or diagnosing issues. If you’d like to improve your front door security, you can always give us a call. Our expert team will be happy to help.

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